Logistics and Customs clearence

Services to import and export products, including transportation and customs clearance.
Choose the area where you prefer us to support and free yourself from tedious tasks.
  • Procure the goods at country of origin
  • Local coordination for load on port
  • International transport (air, ground, or sea)
  • Customs clearance on destination
  • Local transportation and delivery to doorstep

Market research

We can help you to identify improvements for:
  • Material substitutes
  • International suppliers
  • Customers and markets
  • New products

Establishment and Operation
(selected markets)


Search for suitable locations and help to plan and execute the establishment of business abroad.

Supply chain

Contact and negotiations with suppliers of goods and services, both locally and internationally.

Go to market

Design and development of the distribution channels to reach local and international customers.

À la carte

Choose which services you want us to take over:
  • Establishment
  • Suppliers
  • Procurement
  • Customs
  • Transportation
  • Customers